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3D Render

3D Render

The Power of Chinese Medicine Combined with Full-Spectrum Hemp
Role: Creative Direction for web and print.
About Radical Roots:
Radical Roots was co-founded by Dr. Chloe Weber DACM, L.Ac. A mama on a mission to bring the safest and most effective hemp oil to the market, she first created the Remy’s Revenge formula in order to help her sweet son, who has an impressively rare genetic disorder causing global delays and catastrophic epilepsy. As a medical provider, herb nerd and as a mother, Chloe knew that the current one-size-fits-all approach to hemp was not the most effective way to work with this powerful plant. Chloe joined forces with co-founder Bart Beckermann, L.Ac., and together they figured out how to potentiate the actions of the hemp with Chinese herbs, and Radical Roots was born. Using only the highest quality hemp available and an incredibly unique and effective alchemical extraction technique called spagyrics, our oils, capsules and topicals contain high-potency, full-spectrum plant extracts in a unification of herbal traditions, East and West.
Original branding was completed by Mike Bebout of, Los Angeles.

More about Radical Roots:

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