Registration Walk-Through, Georgia World Congress Center, 
Project Theme and Breakdown

In collaborating with the National League of Cities (NLC) on the City Summit 2023 environmental signage project, my creative process was inspired by the vibrant city of Atlanta. Infused with peach colors and dynamic shapes, the design aimed to encapsulate the spirit of the locale. The initial phase involved immersive research into Atlanta's cultural identity and the unique aspects of NLC's mission. Employing a user-centric design approach, I conceptualized and iterated on ideas, ensuring that the peach-infused palette and distinctive shapes harmonized seamlessly with NLC's brand. Throughout the process, ongoing communication with NLC stakeholders was paramount to align the design with their vision. The final result not only embodies the essence of Atlanta but also serves as a visually captivating and informative element, effectively branding the City Summit 2023 within the urban environment and creating a memorable experience for attendees.

Thank you NLC and the creative team at NLC! I can't wait until the next one!

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