A wild ride since the beginning of the pandemic to now. 
This is the art and products of a brand I created after searching for the "one thing." This "one thing" turned out to be the culmination of so many forms of energy and design. 
I gave myself a design challenge of drawing one thing for a year. That one thing bounced from chairs one month, to trucks in the next. When I had my epiphany was when I started drawing architecture. In drawing architecture it is important to include plants in the renderings to make the house feel more like a house where someone could live, and enjoy themselves. "So Plants are important" I thought. More designs go by and I find myself, with ease, drawing plants. It did not matter what type, what size, or color. I was flowing and creating effortlessly to something. After another month of drawing I realized that this is something that could be considered my "one thing." 
Fast forward until today (2021) and BOOM, I have created a brand, and built a studio around Plantas design. 
I call myself on Instagram @arte_de_plantas ​​​​​​​
You can find more information about Plantas products on our page: www.plantas.design ​​​​​​​
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